Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Here we are once again – as pioneers! We are helping to establish a new church in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary. The first church service is scheduled on Sunday, July 4th. You can go to the blog site to read about the vision and plans:

It was in 1990 while talking about going to Eastern Europe that we heard for the first time: you will be pioneers! Since that time, this word keeps coming up, even in the Hungarian language: úttörő.

We arrived in Hungary in 1991, a few months before the last of the Russian soldiers left. We were pioneers!

A foundation was established to serve as the legal basis for the ministry. With the change of government, we were the first private clients for the lawyer. All of us were pioneers!

On Dan’s first trip to Albania in September of 1991, he was told that he was the first foreign visitor that had ever been in their house. He really felt like a pioneer then!

Later in 2003-2004 when we lived inside the medieval citadel of Kruja, Albania, we were told that perhaps we were the first Christians to live inside the fortress during the past 600 years. Yes, we were pioneers!

When getting our Hungarian driver’s license, we were the first Americans to get a license in that particular office. No one knew the procedure, thus resulting in a long goose-chase. The diary that we kept had 21 entries attempting to get the driver’s license. Again we were pioneers!

Recently Dan awoke in the morning and the first thought he had was that once again, we are pioneers!

Being a pioneer means that new challenges are ahead. New difficulties lie before us. However, being a pioneer also means new victories are just around the corner; new lives will be changed; new wine skins will be formed; new joys will be experienced!

Will you join us on this adventure? We need those who will pray. We need people and churches that will financially support us as a family and the church plant itself.
Maybe there is a church that is debt free and just accumulating their funds. This church could cast their bread upon the water and provide a meeting place for the Budapest church plant.

We need those who will give of their time, their talents and their callings.

The Smiths