Friday, September 17, 2010

The house sold!

After 3 years of trying to sell our house, at the most un-seemingly time, it sold!

Friday night, September 3rd: Fire in the basement of our house. As I stood in front of the house watching the scene: three fire trucks with all the neighborhood gathered around, I am wondering how in the world we will be able to sell our house. For three years we have tried to sell and now, how?

Saturday morning, September 4th: Move into a hotel.

Sunday afternoon, September 5th: After church in Budapest we are about to turn to make the trip back to Debrecen when Rose says, “Let’s drive out to Velence and look for a house”. We found one!

Monday evening, September 6th: Call the owner of the house in Velence to make an offer.

Tuesday afternoon, September 7th: The fire department inspector came as well as the insurance adjuster. Almost immediately we get a call from a potential buyer who wanted to come see the house on Thursday at 6:00 PM.

Thursday afternoon, September 8th: Five minutes before the prospective buyer arrives, the insurance adjuster calls with his proposal which we accept. The prospective buyer arrives and wants to buy the house, as is!

Wednesday afternoon in Debrecen, September 15th: Sign the contract for the sale of the Hajdúsámson house.

Thursday afternoon in Budapest, September 16th: Sign the contract for the purchase of the house in Velence. (We lived in this town from April 1997 until February 2005.)

Meanwhile, we are renting an apartment at the Bicske Baptist Church which is not too far from Budapest and Velence. Before we move into the house that we purchased, we would like to do some major renovations on the house: a new heating system, electrical system, water pipes, bathroom, roof, doors and windows and an exterior painting, providing that we have the needed funds.

Please keep us in your prayers during all of this. Also, we will now be closer to our new church plant in Budapest and can now reactivate our plans to have a ministry house where church leaders can come for renewal.
The Smiths: Dan, Rose, Marion

What was meant for evil, God meant it for good...
Adapted from Genesis 50:20