Thursday, September 2, 2010

Church planting in Budapest

September 2010

Weather: The weather has been interesting. At some times we thought we were in African heat and then at other times in a Siberian cold. Then on top of that was a tornado – which is practically unheard of in Hungary. Thank God that our colleague was delayed in traveling. Otherwise, the car would have been on the road where numerous trees fell. August 31st ended up being the coldest August day since temperatures were recorded.

Church plant: The first service for the new church was on July 4th. Our first impression was that the name chosen, Nations Church, was appropriate since we had 7 nations represented.
The vision is for this to be a place of birthing new congregations. Even though there are some wonderful churches in Budapest, still more than 95 percent of the population does not attend church services. Pray for us as we seek to reach out to the people of this multi-national city.

Sale of the house: This has not happened yet. Each Sunday we leave the house at 6:30 AM for the two and a half hour drive to Budapest. We need to sell our house so that we can move to Budapest. We believe in miracles and we need a miracle!
In 2008 during the world financial crisis, Hungary was one of the most affected countries. This has left the real estate market at an all-time low. Meanwhile, we have reduced the selling price several times. It would be a great deal for someone who would like to make a European investment considering the low price and the favorable exchange rates.

Family: Daniel is now a freshman at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS. The polymer science department chair has offered Daniel a job in their lab. This should give him some on-hand experience along with his studies.
Marion is now a 7th grader in home school. She is a big help in the new church plant.