Friday, September 10, 2010


First of all, thank God that we are all well!

On Friday night, September 3rd, a fire started in our basement. Neighbors helped us bring out some of our things until the smoke got so heavy that we did not dare to stay in the house. Within minutes the police arrived followed by the ambulance and three fire trucks.

I was so glad that our house is built of blocks, concrete and since it was in the basement and the ceiling was concrete, the fire was contained and we still have a house. I could not believe how professional and caring all of the people were - our neighbors as well as the policemen, firemen and emergency medical team.

Because Rose had inhaled some smoke, she was given an exam and then we signed the release form that she would not go to the hospital because we feel that she is OK. The PVC pipes under the bathroom were melted so we are unable to shower, use the rest room or wash clothes. Today we were able to secure the doors that were broken down and now we are at a hotel. The insurance company will send the appraiser on Monday.

Please pray with us that all will go well with the appraisal and that the damage can quickly be repaired. We also made the local news...
As the fire chief left, he told me that we were very fortunate that the fire was found in time, contained and that no one was hurt. He said that a lot of their calls do not end this way.