Saturday, January 22, 2011

Only God can help!

Only God can help! These words are only spoken in desperate situations! During the last year we have found ourselves in these plights on a few occasions.

Over the past few years our budget had been stretched while maintaining a residence both in the USA and in the nation of Hungary. We knew that the year of 2010 would involve some major moves. Unfortunately we were faced with the real estate markets in a deep recession.

The real estate market in Wayne County was slow but the market in Hungary was practically non-existent! We needed to sell both of these properties in order to move to Budapest to begin a new church plant. Only God can help!

First of all, we had tickets to travel to Hungary during the first week of June 2010 expecting by that time that our house would have sold. We were told that “Only God can help”! He did! The buyers called the day after Mother's Day and the closing was just before we left.

The house in Hungary had been on the market for 3 years. We thought for sure that the house would be sold by the time we started our new church in the capital city of Budapest. It didn't. We were driving 149 miles, one way, to travel to our church plant.

Then on September 3rd the house caught on fire and that is when I said: Only God can help! Would you believe that six days later a buyer showed up and bought the house!?!

We were so aware of God's help during these days. However, we did not realize that we still had two different situations awaiting us when once again we would be told: Only God can help!

We found out that the house we were selling did not have an occupancy permit for an addition that had been built on to the house nine years earlier by the previous owner. That's another story in itself.

The other was the insurance payment from the fire. The week following the fire in September, the insurance adjuster said that if we would accept his proposal, the settlement would be wired to our bank account within five days. That did not happen.

It was the last week of November. Rose asked me to call a Hungarian lady who is a real lady of prayer. Before I could make the call, she called us wanting to know about the insurance payment. She was already praying because she felt that we were in a situation that “Only God can help”! In this impossible situation we received a registered letter from the insurance company with the final settlement.

As we look back over the past year, we see that we faced a stream of difficulties; each one with the phrase: “Only God can help”!

And He did!