Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 2011

First of all, please forgive us for not sending a newsletter earlier. Sometimes during the battle it is difficult to sit down and share what is happening. Meanwhile, God is at work!

Family: Daniel has now declared his major as computer science. Marion has just finished the seventh grade. Rose is still the best encourager, supporter and wife!

I am calling out to God to send his revival – on us first! We are the ones in need of His touch and for our strength to be renewed as the eagle. As we come to the most exciting time in history, may we have the touch of God on our lives to truly make a difference in this world of turmoil.

Community work: I have been helping the local school each week with three English language study circles. Already I see that this gives a presence in the local community which is welcomed.

Summer deputation: My family is already in the states and I will join them in early June. This will give us an opportunity to visit churches in order to raise needed support. We return to Hungary in August in time for the Vision conference.

Foundation: A lot of time has been spent this spring in updating a non-profit public service foundation. All of the paperwork has been given to the lawyer and I anticipate signing the amendment papers before I leave for the states.

Church Plant: In July 2010 we began a new church plant: Nations Church of Budapest. During February three couples joined the leadership team and were able to take many of the pastoral duties that my family had shouldered. Our Hungarian colleague, Csaba Tenkely, is now taking greater responsibility in directing this work. In addition to those who attend on Sunday, there is an Asian group as well as a Gypsy group that meets each week.

Visit to our former church: A highlight of this year was to minister in Debrecen, Hungary at the church that we established in 2005: The House (International Church of Debrecen). I introduced the guest speaker with these words: “You are about to preach in the best church in Europe!” Historically Debrecen has been a revival city in Europe. May God let it happen once again.

In the afternoon I visited their daughter church which is a Gypsy congregation. The building was packed and the worship was exciting. Not only are wonderful things happening in the church services, but they are helping each other to repair their houses, clean up their yards and plant crops. The mayor has already committed to buy their produce for the local school cafeteria. This church is becoming a model for other communities.

Summer: Two days before I leave for the states, a friend of ours will be arriving and will live in our house this summer. Please also remember him in your prayers that doors of ministry will open for him while he is here.

We appreciate your partnership with us, at whatever level it is. May God bless you!