Friday, July 29, 2011

Crossing borders

Living in Europe, we have made several border crossings. One of those crossings is still in my memory....

I was at the Hungarian – Romanian border. I made it through the Hungarian border control and then arrived to the Romanian authorities. A border guard took my passport, car registration and insurance papers.

Several minutes later he returned and said something to me. He could not speak English or Hungarian. I could not understand Romanian.

Finally after trying to communicate with me, he motioned for me to get out of the van and follow him. My heart was pounding. I did not know what to expect. I did not know where I would have to go. I followed him for a little and then he stopped and pointed to a car tag that began with KGB. Then he pointed to another car tag that began with FBI. Then he pointed to a third car that had a tag with CIA.

At that point he let out a laugh! It ended up that there was no problem at all. He just thought it was so funny to have three cars at one time with KGB, FBI and CIA.

I laughed with relief too as he returned my documents and motioned that I could go! Even border guards have a sense of humor!