Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Order my steps...

Sometimes we think that we are lost only to find out that God was actually ordering our steps. This happened just recently at the beginning of this summer.

I was in Budapest, Hungary when I had a freak accident and broke one of my toes. I went to the hospital for an x-ray and then I was given a couple of shots to deaden the pain so that the doctor could reset the broken toe before bandaging it.

So now with a bandaged broken toe I first took a tram and then the underground metro to my destination. Even though I had been at the place numerous times, I became disoriented and could not figure out which stairway to take up to the street level. To save hobbling up a set of stairs in vain, I decided to ask directions.

Nearby was what looked like a businessman purchasing something at a kiosk. His back was to me so I asked him in Hungarian: “Can you tell me which direction is Burger King?” The answer was: “Hello Dan”!

He thought that I was just joking with him. I had no idea that in a city of two million people, I was asking directions from Barnabas, the very one that God placed in my path. He is a young minister that has encountered some major difficulties and I am sure that he needed to know that he is not forgotten.

Another time that sticks in my memory happened in 1993 in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. I had organized a series of concerts for the gospel singer, Judy Jacobs. I needed to borrow an overhead projector and somehow in this unfamiliar city, I became lost.

Realizing that I had absolutely no idea of where I was, in some way I communicated to some boys that I needed someone who spoke English. They motioned for me to follow. We arrived at a house where I met an Albanian man who spoke English.

I introduced myself by telling that I was an American living in Hungary. I told him that we had some Albanian friends living in Hungary – one couple being Harry and Valentina. He responded by saying that Valentina was raised just a couple of houses around the corner from him. I knew her parents so I asked him to accompany me over to their house and translate for me.

You see, just two days before in Budapest, we prayed for Harry and Valentina's son who was in intensive care in the hospital. The doctors told his parents that he would never walk because of nerve damage from a car hitting him as he crossed the street.

This elderly couple had faces that were shinning! Ten minutes before they received a telephone call from Budapest telling them that his toes were moving!

I was not lost! God had directed my steps to exactly where He wanted me to go.