Friday, August 17, 2012

Rose's Garden

The sunflowers came up voluntarily. We fed the birds in the winter and some of the seed fell on the ground and grew up into some beautiful blossoms. The center photo is a little vegetable garden where Rose is growing some vegetables that are not common here but some that we love: sweet potato and yellow squash. We have tried okra over the years with no success. A green apple tree is on the right. 
The crepe myrtle trees brought from Mississippi. However, our winter climate is too harsh for the crepe myrtle so the plants are in pots and brought inside during the winter. One came from our house that we sold in Mississippi while the other is a miniature variety and came from Libby, Rose's sister. 
The brick wall behind the caladiums was built from old brings that were removed from the house when renovations were made. The wall helps to form a courtyard for grilling. The red gladiola and the caladiums were bulbs that Daniel brought over from Rose's sisters.
 The petunias have really flourished this year while the geraniums have not. This seems to be the case with the neighbors too: there is a lot of healthy looking petunias and only occasionally will a healthy pot of geraniums be found.
 Crepe myrtle, sunflower, luffa and yellow squash. The luffa came from my German cousin, Inge. It has just made its first bloom.
 We have a wonderful vegetable and fruit stand near our house. However, Rose is growing yellow squash from seed she brought from the states. We have never seen yellow squash in any of the markets.

Also there is a bed of sweet potatoes. Our local produce stand ordered us sweet potatoes that actually came from North Carolina. Rose put one of the sweet potatoes in a jar of water so that it would start roots and sprout. She then cut 10 potato eyes to plant in the soil. We are curious if we will have a crop this fall. Rose has already told our pastor in Budapest that if she gets a sweet potato crop that she will tithe on them!

The grapes and apples were already in the yard.