Friday, August 17, 2012

Rose's Garden

Rose loves her garden. Each morning the flowers and vegetables are watered and cared for. Some of these were already in the yard when we bought the house. Others came from different friends and family. Each has its own story: which friend it came from, which country. Many were brought from Mississippi. 

In addition to these flowers, another "flower garden" is growing. There are two neighbors called Rózsika (Rose), another called Virág (flower), still another called Ibolya (Violet), while our next-door neighbor is a landscaper with a beautiful yard.

The purple heart was just a little twig last year. She got it from her Aunt Marion in Pensacola, Florida.
The caladiums are some of Rose's favorites because it was one of the favorite plants of her mother. The bulbs for the red caladiums and the elephant ears came from Rose's sister, Libby. We love the brick wall that serves as the backdrop in the yard.
When our house was renovated, the wooden step-ladder to the attic was replaced with a pull-down ladder. However, Rose could not part with the old ladder. We took it outside, leaned it up to a cherry tree, and then used it to set pots on as well as a place for the morning glory vines to crawl up.  
The light green leaf on the left is a decorative sweet potato vine. The grapes were already in the yard. Maybe next year we will build an arbor for the grape vines. The lemon mint plant at the bottom can make some delicious mint tea. This was already in our yard when we bought the house. 
The yellow flowers came from our former house in Hajdúsámson. These were given to Rose by Iren Tenkely.

Our friend Audrey Zub sent the following: (She and her husband, Steve, were missionaries in Hungary and are now back in Cochrane - a town just outside of Calgary in the Canadian province of Alberta)
Oasis amidst the chaos...a place where people can stop, flee from the whirlwind of their daily lives and draw close to God.  God made a garden and Cain was the city builder.