Monday, November 12, 2012

A story from Thanksgiving 2007

Assistance Needed In Room 302

It was the week of Thanksgiving 2007. For many years it has been the tradition for Keith and Mary Delaplane along with their daughter, Eva Clair, to visit with my parents. Now that Dad was in the nursing home, status quo had changed. It was a big question as to whether or not they would come for their visit. Rose came to the rescue offering to make sure that all of their meals were accounted for and taking Keith’s offer to help out in any way possible. Rose even made a list of jobs that needed to be done – including changing out the floor for the bathroom on the back porch.
On one day Keith, Mary, Eva Clair as well as our family: Dan, Rose, Daniel and Marion, went to visit my dad. As to be expected, the visit turned to singing. The first song was: I’ve Got The Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, Down In My Heart! With Dad putting in the question: Where? The singing was wonderful and we moved from song to song. There was just one problem: we needed an alto to give us four part harmony. Mother usually adds the alto part but she was not with us. That’s when I spotted Toni going down the hall. Toni is one of the nurses. She also is an alto in a black gospel group called “Total Praise”. She had joined us before with her anointed singing. She even told us how that she and my dad “had church” as they watched TBN: both worshiping and praising the Lord.
So I walked down the hall until I found her in one of the rooms changing the bed covers. In a very cold authoritative voice I stood outside the door and said: “Assistance needed in room 302!” She responded in good humor as if speaking into a microphone: “Yes, assistance is needed in room 302”. I returned to the Dad’s room but when she did not immediately arrive, I went back into the hall and repeated the request. She came into the room repeating my commands: “Assistance is needed in room 302”, evidently expecting that she had to change a soiled bed or something along that order. It was then that I answered: “Yes, we need assistance with the singing. We don’t have anyone to sing alto!
There we stood around my Dad’s bed: professor, business owner, missionaries, a high school student and two elementary school girls, all joining our voices with Toni, all singing our fullest praise to the King of all kings with Dad adding his own praise from a grateful heart.  

(Dad passed away in August 2009)