Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Weather Extremes

2013 has been a year of weather-related extremes. We end the year with an extreme which prompts me to document the year.

Property Damage:
Fortunately we were at home when the snow storm hit and was not stuck out overnight as were thousands in our county. We received the most property damage from the underground water level in the spring and from a hail storm in June that left dozens of dents on our car.

Underground water level
For us personally, this was the most devastating. Our new basement office began to flood just before we left for Daniel's junior college graduation. We returned to an office where the flood level had been almost to four feet. 

Biggest snow storm in at least 400 years
On March 15 tanks were deployed to reach thousands of motorists trapped in heavy snow. . . . the heaviest March snows in at least 400 years in Budapest canceled outdoor activities, related to commemoration of Hungarian Revolution of 1848.

Germany and areas of Central Europe had their wettest ever May, followed by the severe flooding during the 2013 European floods.

Record heat
In Hungary the July heatwave set new daily records for the 27th, 28th and 29th being the hottest day of the year with 40°C only 2 degrees from the absolute record. A day earlier the 2013 Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix was the 2nd hottest in recent Grand Prix history just behind the 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix. Track temperature reached 56°C and air temperature was 38°C.

Record highs at Christmas
With Daniel spending his winter break with us in Hungary, he had two request: snow and a frozen lake. Neither wish was granted. Instead, the opposite happened. Record highs! Here are two links to articles in Hungarian telling about record highs.