Friday, May 16, 2014

We Are Missionaries

We are missionaries. The next question is: “What do you do?”
When we meet a teacher, then we ask the next question: “What do you teach?” When we meet a doctor, the next question is: “What kind of doctor are you?” When someone tells us that he/she is an engineer, we then ask the question: “What kind of engineer?” You get the picture. When someone tells you that he/she is a missionary, your next question is: “What do you do?” The answers are endless.
In fact, if you asked Rose this question, she would have a list of answers that would have a different perspective than my list. Since she is the glue that holds us all together, her list would include domestic chores in addition to ministry. Rose is also very serious about our home-schooled daughter who constantly is an A+ student and our son who is now a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi majoring in computer science with a 3.9 GPA.
For myself, before we ever became missionaries, my desire was to serve in some administrative capacity. When the door opened in 1990 for missions, that is exactly what happened. We began serving as the administrators of the Eastern European Resource Center in Debrecen, Hungary where more than 450 church leaders were trained. Then in 1996 we moved to Tirana, Albania where I became the administrator of the AEP (Albanian Encouragement Project), an organization that coordinates about 75 different mission organizations that work in Albania.
As years progressed, the work and emphasis also evolved. A few months ago Rose and I were taking a walk through the neighborhood and she asked me why I kept making a big circle with my hands. I told her that all was coming back full circle. Let me explain.
  • I am now serving as the executive coordinator for the Church Planting University. Our next session, CPU-5, will be in the fall of this year in Budapest. Participants are from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.
  • Last year we were the logistic coordinators for the Church of God Leadership Conference with participants arriving from all over Europe, CIS and the Middle East.
  • I serve as the General Secretary of the Hungarian Church of God and will soon begin this same position in the local church that we attend, the International Church of Budapest.
  • For numerous years I have written the English letters for the pastor of the Bicske Baptist Church. Most of these are either with the Slavic Gospel Association for their Bible School in Hungary while the other letters are between the local church and their sister church in Clevedon, England: Copse Road Chapel. We also minister in the Bicske church once a month.
  • Rose and I coordinated a series of conferences for ladies with meeting places in three different cities: Budapest, Debrecen and Zalaegerszeg.
  • Beginning last summer, I began helping to coordinate an orchestra that will be touring and ministering in Hungary. They arrive on July 4th to begin their tour.
  • We have given two Valley of Blessings concerts in the last few months in Vukovar, Croatia.
  • In addition to leading worship each weekend, we direct a Tuesday night university student meeting in Budapest. We also have a steady stream of guests at our ministry house.
Why do we do this? We are helping to equip leaders who will in turn make a difference in our part of the world. However, just like you, our most precious mission field is right on our own doorstep, our immediate family. Will you commit to under-gird us? Please pray for each of us personally including Rose, Daniel, Marion.