Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Central Location

Leaving our known world and going into the unknown, we felt that we were going to “the ends of the earth” as stated in Acts 1:8, but we ended up “right in the center”. In the 1980s Rose and I were living in the Charleston, South Carolina area when God began impressing on us that we were to move to a central location. We looked at different locations in the central part of the USA. In the summer of 1990 we were shown the proposal for the Eastern European Resource Center. As we saw the map of Europe with Hungary right in the center, we realized that we had been looking at the wrong map!

What is significant about Budapest? It is a gateway city. God will send a major move that will have a far-reaching impact. Even though we do not see this at the present time, we are confident that it will happen. During this year, I am the logistics coordinator for four different European gatherings. Each of these will take place in Budapest which is not only in the geographical center of Europe, but it is also a wonderful city with competitive prices often making it the first choice for international events.

This spring we will make a visit to the states for the graduation of Daniel from the University of Southern Mississippi. We will also have a joint celebration for my mother's 89th birthday and my uncle's 92nd (Clyne W. Buxton) birthday. If you would like for us to visit your church during this time, let us know! We will return to Hungary in time for the Central European tour of the Lee University Symphonic Band, another event that I am coordinating. They will have a week of programs in Budapest as well as evangelistic concerts in Croatia and Serbia.