Friday, June 23, 2017

Report on Marion

Thanks to each of you that have been praying for Marion following her burn accident. It could have been much worse. Rose was talking with Marion via Skype when it happened. Oil on the stove overheated and when Marion went to throw the pan out the door, the wind caused it to flame up with fire going into her face. The face only had first degree burns but the right hand had third degree burns with second and third degree burns on the legs and feet.
Marion had the presence to call the next door neighbor, my first cousin, Jarvis Harrison. Thank God he was inside and got the call. He was there within one minute and put the fire out. Otherwise, the house would have ignited quickly. He then drove her to the emergency room in Laurel, MS and after bandaging her, sent her on to the burn center in Jackson, MS. My sister, Sara, as well as Rose's sister, Libby, also went to the emergency as well as Jacob, Marion's friend from the JCJC choir. Syble was waiting in Jackson. Three of her choir friends also drove to Jackson when they heard the news. The surgery was on Wednesday. 
Rose also traveled on Wednesday but missed her connection in Toronto. She got some rest and arrived the next day.
Please pray that Marion will have a speedy recovery. Marion loves the Lord so much and serves Him with all of her heart.